(Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite)

There is no benefit of missing sight
I won’t see a thing tonight on television
It doesn’t matter who is there
I will be unaware with no vision
Stay inside because I can’t see where I'm going
Save on electricity because I don’t need the lights on
With cane and dog I will challenge the world!

I didn’t celebrate my lost sight
Old age finally claimed the light, I was eighty-eight
I can still dance and sing
If you want me just give a ring, don’t have to wait
Though I’m blind I’m not shy of the public
I rely on them so I need trust
And of course, I have to pause, going through doors

Dinner begins at four o’clock
Though I’m blind i can still use a wok without a light
And I will gladly demonstrate
How that I can bake a cake without my sight
Having been some days in preparation
A splendid meal is guaranteed for all
And tonight my sight is topping the bill