(A Day In The Life)

It’s time for my nap again, oh boy
Hope I’m a lucky man whose bed is made
And though the bed was rather sad
Well, I just had to rest
I couldn’t pass the test

I’d already been up half the day
I didn’t notice that my bed had changed
The nursing staff had done the deed
Now I find I’m really sure
That It’s time for my nap and start having some zzzzz's to snore

It’s time for a nap again, oh boy
And I don’t care if I snore
The only visitor turned and waved
But I just went to bed
Because I’d had my meds
I'd love to turn you on

Had lunch, got into bed
I had to rest my weary head
Found my way downstairs and had a nap
And looking up, I noticed it was late
Found my pillow grabbed my sheet
And I tucked it around my feet
Found my way upstairs when I awoke
And somebody spoke and I went into a dream

It’s time for a nap again, oh boy
Though I may not awake again I fear
And yet I have to wake up when they call
I had to take them all
Now they know how many meds it takes to help you fall
I'd love to turn you on