(Get Back)

Jojo was a man who couldn’t get much older
But he knew he couldn’t last
‘til someone tapped him on the shoulder
And now he longs for the past

New tech, new tech
You can keep your fancy cell phones
New tech, new tech
And all those stupid ring tones
New tech, Jojo

Go home

New tech, new tech
Websites were something you squished with a broom
New tech, new tech
and a mouse you wouldn’t have in a room

Oh, get back, Jo

You can take your IPods , iPads and your tablets
Listen and you’ll follow
Back in my day you kept them in a cabinet
And get them out to swallow

Oh, new tech, new tech
New tech, I’ll give up my car if I lose control
New tech, new tech
Did someone move the telephone pole
New tech, new tech, woo, woo

Go home

Oh, new tech, yeah, new tech
New tech , my marbles are still rolling
Yeah, new tech, new tech
But pretty soon the bells will be tolling

Ooh, ooh

New tech wherever—
There’s data-storin’ on you,
Like where you buy your shoes
And such clothes as sweaters,
Where you roam, whenever.

New tech, new tech
New tech the internet’s waiting online
Oh, New tech, new tech
New tech, oh yeah