29 Oct

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My hands are real red raw
I’ve washed them ‘til they’re sore

Saw the cracks upon the wall
I had to count them all
It’s frightening
I saw the liìght
My brain takes flight
It’s troubling me
'Cause what Icould see
Was a disgrace

 I checked the stove stove a hundred times
Straightened all the crooked lines
'Cause I know where you've been
And I saw you walk in
It’s troubling
I need it every night
My brain it takes flight
My mind’s on endless loop
You know I can’t regroup
I’m outta place 

Can’t you see, this OCD
Has caused my mind to take flight
And you’ll see It’s troubling me
With OCD,

 My brain is not quite right I have to check my locks
Said, my head is full of rocks
That's a lie
'Cause I know it’s troubling me
OCD, can’t you see
I’m floored
Can’t set me free
That’s how My life is planned
I hope you understand
It’s a disgrace 


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