26 Dec

(And Your Bird Can Swing)     

One, two, three, four

Tell me how you manage all your highs and lows
In your bipolar swing, but you don't get me
You don't get me

You say you've seen the Lord and his wonders
On your computer screen, but you can't see me
You can't see me

You know your mind can swing
It is like a pendulum
In your bipolar swing
You’re in the spectrum

Up in the clouds you’re feeling so much alive
With your bipolar swing, but you can't feel me
You can't feel me

Doctors, pills trying to find the key
An emotional kaleidoscope, sway
Unlock your mind’s journey
In your bipolar day

Through the highs and lows you always persevere
In your bipolar swing and you face your fears
You face your fears

That was it, wasn't it?

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