03 Jan

(Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite)          

You know I suffer GAD
My mind is gone it’s out of control, can’t you see
Anxiety’s the star spinning out of control
There’s a circus in my head, it takes it’s toll
Worried about everything and nothing else
Cotton candy dreams, melting into fears,
In this anxious circus, drowning in my tears.

You know I suffer GAD
Tightrope walking through the thoughts, it's crystal clear.
Acrobats of doubt, flipping through the air,
In this anxious circus, life seems so unfair, don't be late
Lions of panic , roaring in my head
Flying high with worry, juggling with dread
In the circus of my mind, you know I'm suffering GAD.

Clowns of apprehension
With their make up and painted smiles so wide
But you see it’s still GAD
Dancing with uncertainty, nowhere to hide.
Tightrope walking through the shadows, feeling so bad
Anxiety is guaranteed for all
And tonight GAD is making me ill

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