28 Oct

(I'll Be Back)

You know I've got a mind that's not the same

 Sometimes the lows can cause me pain
And sometimes my mood can get me real high
But I’ll crash down again 

So here I am
I'm in a constant fight
Yes, trying to balance day and night
Oh-oh, oh-oh 

You know, sometimes I feel so low 

Meds, and therapies help me stand
This time I will try to show that I'm
Not trying to pretend 

I thought that you would realize
These lows just leave me sad
The highs are just as bad
But I got a big surprise
Oh-oh, oh-oh 

I should find better things to do
Than to break my mood again
One day so high, then I’m low. Now I'm
Trying not to crash again 

I feel so low
And I hate to see you
You know I hate to see you
Oh-oh, oh-oh

And, I’ll tell you from start, I’m high or low
But I'll crash down again

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