07 Jan

(A Day in The Life)

I read the news today, oh boy
About a poor old man who went astray
And though the news was rather sad
He stumbled down a darkened path
But rehab called him back

Fighting demons he’s not alone
He didn't notice that his life had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
In every step a victory won
And In the rising sun, He finds a new life has begun

Twenty-eight days in rehab, oh boy
He’s not sure if he’ll keep the pace
A crowd of people turned away
But I just had to look

Knowing the strength it took
No more turning on

Woke up, fell out of bed
Found a program , cleared his head
It’s twenty-eight days he’ll be rehabilitated
Learning to soar, he was saying goodbye
The counsellor said “It’s time to change
Embrace the light, break the chains"
Through meetings and struggles he found a new song
A melody of hope, where he belongs.

They gave him tools to cope and heal
Heading for his thirty day pin
And though the gains were rather small
He had to count them all
Now he knows how much it takes to help him stand so tall
No more turning on

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